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1304 Series Linear Motor XY Slides
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Allow us a quick moment to shine the spotlight on one of our more impressive precision motion systems, the 1304 Series Linear Motor XY Slide.

It boasts the same high standards for linear accuracy (<0.0005") and orthogonality (<9 arc seconds) as our standard XY's, but it also has shockingly impressive stats for acceleration (around 2 G's), speed (unknown since we've never reached top speed before running out of room), and encoder positional accuracy 0.1 µm.
These systems are typically used in high-speed production systems where low cycle time and ultra precision accuracy are of the highest importance. As an example, say an application required spot welds 1/4" apart as quickly as possible. Accounting for acceleration and deceleration, our base level linear motor table would perform those welds 20 times per second with staggering accuracy.


• Standard travel lengths of 6”, 8”, 10” and 12”

• Custom options available for varying travel lengths up to 24”

• Available as a single axis

• Low mass, low profile design

• Preloaded steel rail, crossed roller bearings maintain high linear accuracy and stiffness

• Orthogonality is closely monitored and machined in. It never goes out of adjustment

• Precision rolled ball screws are standard and provide a high level of positional accuracy with minimal backlash. Ground screws are available as an option.

• Drive and switch mechanisms are covered to protect from dirt and contamination

• A total of 6 optical switches to use as limit switches or home switches. Switches include 5’ Cable with Amphenol connector

• NEMA 23 motor mount, standard
Click Here for the full ultra precision 1304 Linear Motor XY- Table Sales and Specs sheet in printer friendly .pdf format

Low cost of ownership and industry leading specs make Mechanical Concepts the clear choice for precision applications such as:

  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Automated Assembly
  • Automated Resistance Welding
  • Electronics
  • Gantry Applications
  • Inspection/Test
  • Laser Welding/Marking
  • Semiconductors
  • Vacuum

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