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Calculator for sizing a linear motor by calculating Acceleration, Duty Cycle, and Force.

Often times doing the calculations to size a motor can be a tedious process, so we use this calculator to simplify things, just fill out the yellow spaces and the calculator will do the rest. It can be handy to play around with the variables to explore motor options, and we hope that you find this calculator useful.
This calculator was built to help us size linear motors, and as such, does not take any kind of screw into account to drive the system. It also does not take friction into account because we did not want to make any assumptions about the bearings one might use. This calculator also does not take gravity into account, it assumes your load is horizontal. All of this is to say that this calculator is meant to help with the task of sizing a motor, and it is up to the user to add their own coefficient of friction, and their own safety factors.